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Tenants. . .

We've got two tenants from the local university living in what used to be my Dad's rooms before he passed away. They have their own entrance and their own bathroom, their own beds and each one has a desk. They also have kitchen privileges. This is the second year they are with us. Recently we learned that they purchased an electric space heater and the last time we went into the room (while they were in there), the room was up to 80 degrees. In the past when they said they were "cold", I called the oil company and had our systems checked out. Everything is fine, except for the fact that one bed is up against the wall, blocking the baseboard heat and the young man whose bed that is says that he likes to lean up against the wall when he studies (and is not at his desk). He also keeps all his suitcases and other stuff under the bed, so that there is no circulation possible to the rest of the room. His blankets are also hanging over the bed and over the baseboard. The other guy has his desk under the window (which I admit must be chilly because I know mine is (by a window) and he always wears shorts and a thin T-shirt all season long then tells me he is cold. I even suggested that they leave their door open once in a while to improve the circulation of the warm air. We are rarely down that end of the house anyway. An electric space heater uses way more electricity than it's counterpart in oil. . . so what am I to do? They are not willing to cooperate. 80 degrees is just not realistic. Any advice would be so greatly appreciated. :)

Update for my information . . .

On June 28th, three weeks ago tomorrow, I had an endoscopy to try to ascertain the cause of my sometimes very severe stomach distress. At that time they found a polyp in my stomach, but because my step-daughter was getting married on July 5th in California, the doctor chose to wait to remove it, thereby not creating any potential problems. So, instead I had it removed today. We had to be at the office by 6:15. Had to leave our house at 5:30. . . Night owl that I am, I hadn't even gotten to bed until three (I was a bit anxious) so when my honey got up at 5 a.m. so did I. I knew I was going to be put to sleep for the duration of the procedure anyway and would have all day to nap if necessary. As it happens, I don't sleep much anyway. Guess I got a little over an hour of shut-eye and a snippet or two more.

Then since there were chores to be done, we're doing em. Third laundry is in the machine. Didn't change the sheets over the weekend so we're doing them now. Also had to do the mattress pad because about a month ago when I also changed the sheets, one of our cats had a "thingie" on one of his ears that I thought might have been a tick or a bug bite and when I grabbed it, off it came and blood splattered all over a portion of the mattress pad. I didn't wash it then, because it was almost bed time and although I have many changes of sheets, I only have one mattress pad. So today I am about to see if all the laundry detergent additives can get it out. If not, doesn't matter. It won't show anyway.

Of course I forget to mention that one of my stomach problems is caused by a huge hiatal hernia. I've had it for many years. Taking medicine for it for many years. Only problem is that because it is so high up above the diaphragm, I get full the moment I begin to eat. You would think I'd be skinny. . . not the case. So after the doctor removed the polyp, he mentions that indeed my hernia is a bad one but that it's quite the surgery. . . so now, I don't know if it will ever be treated. wackdaddy went on LJ just last night and prompted me to do so also. . . Yea! LJ

Vigil for Claire. . .

As we sit tonight and keep vigil for our dear friend Claire. . . I ask that those of you who know her, please pray for her. She's in the hospital tonight in a very bad way. Don't want to step on anyone's toes by posting this before her family does, but it's what's on my mind tonight.

This post was sitting here in my LJ vault. . . it is from early January 2015. And yes, Claire did pass just a few days later. It was very difficult for those who loved her to say good-bye to such a sweet lady. But, we know she is resting with her Lord as I write.
OK, so I have a tenant. He is a 20 year old student at the local university. We all know that winter break will soon be upon us. Yesterday, when he gave me Decembers rent, he asked if he could "not" pay rent during the winter break. What the hell? Then comes spring break, then comes the summer. . . I'm sure he will ask again. What do I do? One of the reasons he is renting privately instead of going to a dorm is because overall it's less expensive. Almost half from what he tells me. He has one large room with his own entrance, his own private bathroom, and three closets. Oh, and it's furnished. With a queen sized bed, bed tables, lamps, a computer desk, and wi-fi. Even a TV was offered to him, but he declined. There is a dorm sized refrigerator and microwave in his room. He also has kitchen privileges if he so desires. He's even sat down to dinner with us a few times. And when it snowed/poured buckets from the sky. . . I picked him up or took him to school. I bought him a bike helmet and got him a light for his bike because I don't want him getting hit to or from the university. Enough is enough in my opinion.

DIVORCE as a new beginning . . .

I didn't leave until our 37th year of an empty marriage. And it took five more years until my divorce went through. My kids tell me all the time that they wish I had done it sooner. Who knows what they want. The truth be known, it's next to impossible to make kids happy anyway. My ex barely speaks to me and up until yesterday neither did his new wife. Don't know what hit the fan yesterday, but we were at my grandson's 18th birthday party and ex's new wife (6 years) started talking with me and my husband (9 years) and that continued for almost an hour. I saw him looking for her a few times, and each time he kept on walking by. She even apologized for her bad behavior in the past, which although instigated by him, was perpetrated by her too. Of course I accepted her apology and told her that I knew it stemmed from him. Irony of all. . . yesterday would have been our 51st wedding anniversary. I think that was hysterical.

Turned out to be a rather enjoyable day, much better than I anticipated. No tension to speak of. . . my cranky daughters were doing Tequila shooters and by the time I got to her house, they were in a really good mood. For some reason, my daughters thrive on picking at me. I do way too much for the younger one and still she picks. The other one lives in NJ and I don't see her all that often. I never thought I'd say it, but it's better that way. She picked one hell of a fight with me one time which sent me to the therapist because I got so depressed. . . now I accept it. She can't destroy me. Her father almost did. I'm stronger because of it, her and him. My son usually remains quite neutral. He doesn't pick fights with me. He doesn't defend me either. What can a Mother do?
While I'm on a roll here. . . with my decorating plans, I'll also mention that we plan on gutting our Master bathroom. It's very small and currently has a very large (6' long) jacuzzi tub. I never feel like the damn thing is clean (inside the jets) if I don't bleach it every day. . . so, we are going to remove the tub and create a shower but we will be reconfiguring the space. At the moment, I can't even stand in front of the sink and dry my hair because the wall is so close. Got beautiful porcelain tile picked out and some glass tile to trim it with. Pictures will follow, but this project will be the third. . . sewing must come first.
I will most definitely share pictures of the projects I'm planning over the summer. I've got three projects planned for the near future. I'm planning on making Roman Shades for my living room and dining room windows. They are both bay windows, with the big picture window in the middle and the two small side bays. . . it's taken me a long time, and much effort to find the "dowels" I need to create these damn things. I searched on line and finally found a place in Ohio that makes them. Problem was that my windows (middle) measure 53" and Home Depot and Loews only sell them in 48". Now they are ordered and on the way. The fabric is an off "white on white" (like a fine light weight tapestry) that I actually bought while I was still married to my ex (1992) but he had no interest in me prettying up the house. He liked the boring, cold vertical blinds that were on the windows. Guess he didn't feel like hanging drapery rods. So, I never made the drapes. At that same time, my daughter recently married and was in her first home and I made drapes, etc. for her living room and dining room and my ex even knew what they would look like. ?????

I'm also planning on reupholstering a quilted headboard the I originally made for my daughter at the same time I made her drapes. I bought black/white toile fabric. I also have valances to match. After that, I will see how much fabric I've got left over (had to buy extra in order to match the pattern for the queen sized headboard), and maybe make panels for the window.
purplecat . . . I love purple. I love pictures of cats. I think cats are cute. And every shade of purple is awesome.

I could have written that, but you did and I copied it to make a point. I'm getting very anxious to gut my master bathroom because I want to paint the area that's not tile. . . a deep purple. The tile we found is a white porcelain. . . it looks like beautiful marble but feels so much nicer. I want to paint the walls purple, except for the wall where my purple towels will go.

In my bedroom, I've chosen a pale yellow because that will go better with the bedspreads (comforters) I have. I've collected three through the years. A gorgeous yellow one for the spring and summer. Purple velvet for the fall and winter and a red satiny one around the holidays. So, the only color that goes with all of that is the pale yellow I've chosen. If I had the guts. . . I would paint the ceiling the deep purple that I plan on painting the bathroom. Maybe I will get brave when the time comes.

Again? What's up with that?

Third ocular migraine since April 24th. . . this is so strange. In the recent past, I could count on one hand the number I've had in a year. . . In the past I would have a dozen or so every month, but it's been so long (until now) since I've had one, I starting to get worried.

It's migraine time again. . .

Can't believe I've got another ocular migraine. But, since I'm supposed to track them. . . here it is. It is quite difficult to type with one though so I'm signing out now.